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Integrate WordPress with WHMCS – Convert your WHMCS Installation into WordPress website.

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WHMCS Bridge Pro Features:

The WHMCS Bridge Pro plugin integrates your WHMCS support and billing software into WordPress providing a seamless and consistent user experience to your customers.

Thanks to the theme inheritance feature, you don’t need to style your WHMCS installation anymore, the integration ensures that your WHMCS installation looks and feels like your WordPress site.

Single Sign On (SSO)
Thanks to the single sign-on feature, your customers can sign in once on your site and comment on your blog postings, share information with their peers, order hosting plans and pay their bills.

Choose your WHMCS Portal
Fully compatible with the WHMCS v5 ‘default’ template

Pretty Permalinks
Display links like http://www.mysite.com/clientarea/ rather than http://www.mysite.com/?ccce=clientarea. Also supports knowledgebase, announcement and download links.

Auto Redirect
Automatically redirect customers visiting your WHMCS site to your WordPress site, works for support ticket linkgs, invoice links, etc.

Multi-lingual WHMCS Support
Fully integrated with qtranslate and WPML.

IP Address Resolution Patch
Shows your customer’s IP address instead of your server’s IP address during sign up.

WHMCS Bridge PRO Installation Instructions:

Please note – WHMCS Pro is an addon for the WHMCS Bridge Plugin, you must have the WHMCS Bridge plugin installed with the Pro plugin installed to unlock the Pro features.
The WHMCS Bridge Plugin can be installed using your WordPress admin and searching for WHMCS Bridge in the plugins directory, or you can download it from http://wordpress.org/plugins/whmcs-bridge/ and upload it via your WordPress admin manually. 

Please note: All cache plugins must be disabled for the Bridge URL and all sub URL’s for the Bridge. 

1) WHMCS Bridge Pro (bridgewp.zip) – WHMCS Addon: This is the addon for your WHMCS installation
2) WHMCS Bridge Pro (whmcs-bridge-sso.zip) – WordPress Plugin: This is the plugin for WordPress to unlock the Pro features of the WHMCS Bridge.

Upload the plugin files:

– bridgewp/ folder goes into your whmcs/modules/addons folder 
– bridgewp/bridgeipfix.php goes into your whmcs/ folder (*)

whmcs bridge pro 1

– whmcs-bridge-sso/ goes into your wordpress/wp-content/plugins folder – please note you need to first install the whmcs-bridge plugin (via the wordpress plugins search in your WP admin or by downloading it from http://wordpress.org/plugins/whmcs-bridge/)

whmcs bridge pro 2

Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress. Once both plugins are activated, navigate to the “Settings” => WHMCS Bridge page to configure your WHMCS Bridge. Read the information for each required setting and complete the settings, once completed, Save your settings.

whmcs bridge pro 3

Log in to your WHMCS admin, go to Setup -> Addon Modules; click on the “Configure” button next to the “WHMCS Bridge Helper” and will in your bridge page URL (created by the plugin in WordPress). 
If you enabled permalinks in the WordPress Admin, enable permalinks in the WHMCS module too.

whmcs bridge pro 4

(*) Edit your WHMCS configuration.php file and add the following line (at the end of the file) to enable the IP Fix for WHMCS Bridge: 


whmcs bridge pro 5

You can now navigate to the “Help” tab in your WHMCS Bridge Settings page in WordPress and test out your new WHMCS Bridge!

whmcs bridge pro 6


We would recommend adding the following line to your WHMCS .htaccess file, this will help avoid runaway HTTP requests using up resources. 

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule ^.*$ /whmcs [L,R=301] # where /whmcs is the relative path to your whmcs installation directory.

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